4.4 Members Insight Address Executive Leaders

4.4 Members Insight Address Executive Leaders

Members Insight Address

for Leaders Member

The purpose behind the Members Insight Address is to ensure the entire Leaders network know who you are, what your business does, and permit them to think about how they can possibly interact and engage with you and the company in the future.


The address is 2 minutes in length.


      • What does the audience know about your topic?
      • How relevant is the topic for the audience?


What is your objective for the talk?
      • Do you need Members to act?
      • Be aware of information.
      • Bring about change.


Tell a Story: Include a point that the audience wouldn’t otherwise know, leverage the story to make your point.
      • What are the growth plans for the company?
      • What are the key challenges facing your company?
      • What areas can your fellow Leaders help with?


      • Ask yourself why would your message be important for them?
      • Know who is in the room, to ensure you are delivering the right message.


      • 2 minutes in length.
      • 2 bells will ring during your address, the first indicates you have 1-minute remaining. The second indicates your time has expired.
      • No PowerPoint slides are permitted.
      • You are welcome to bring some promotional material to leave on tables for guests to take with them.


To assist with the delivery of a compelling address, the below tips are provided as a guide for use during the preparation and rehearsal.


How Communication Works
55% from Non-Verbal
        • How we walk, sit, gesture, and use facial expressions conveys most of what we learn from a person.
        • Eye contact is crucial for conveying confidence and openness.
38% from Vocal Quality
        • Tone, pitch, volume, and the quality of your voice makes an enormous difference to how credible you are perceived.
        • Pausing is powerful.
7% from Words
        • Plan how you wish to describe yourself, your services, and your company.
        • Make content relevant to your audience.
        • People are more likely to listen if they can see how it relates to them.


Preparation Tips
    • Make your content relevant.
    • Rehearse: Rehearse OUT LOUD.
    • Timing: Time yourself, until you get the timing right.
    • Posture: Practice standing still.
    • Do your research – know who is in the room.
    • Think about FAQs for your business.


Delivery Tips
    • Inhale, Exhale –Give your talk.
    • Gestures can help you emphasize important points.
    • If you need to use jargon, explain it straight away.
    • Provide information that will appeal to the breadth of the audience.
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