4.3 Future Leaders Forum

4.3 Future Leaders Forum

Future Leaders Discussion Forum Guidelines

for Industry Expert


The primary role of the Future Leaders Discussion Forum sessions is to focus on providing Members and guests access to high-level professional development, with relevant content delivered from a strategic perspective. There is also the opportunity to build valued relationships with Members.



Feel free to structure your session to best suit your requirements; however below is a suggested structure that Leaders has found to work for all parties at the table



Discussion Time

0 – 5 mins

(5 mins duration)


·         Industry Expert to introduce topic for discussion.

·         Industry Expert isto randomly choose each participant to present a short introduction, ensure all get an opportunity.

·         Participants are to introduce themselves, sharing Name, Company Name, and one sentence about what they do (20 seconds for each business)

·         To keep participants to their allocated time, the Industry Expert will tap a glass at the 20-second mark.

5 – 15 mins

(10 mins duration)

Industry Expert presentation

·         High-level content.

·         Strategic perspective.

·         The content is not to be of an operational or personal nature.

·         Expert-driven content to be delivered from a strategic perspective, it will be expected this content is not widely known.

15 – 30 mins

(15 mins duration)

Group Discussion

·         Industry Expert to ensure each participant has opportunity to make comment.


5 Rules of Engagement

·         Keep Q & A brief, state in one sentence.

·         Focus on the topic of the session.

·         Keep the conversation strategic, not operational.

·         Be respectful of each other’s time & perspectives.

·         Focus on facts only—not opinions.

30 min mark

(At the Close)


·         Industry Expert to prompt close and make final remarks


During Future Leaders Discussion Forum Sessions, Industry Experts should:
  • allow the participants to introduce themselves and talk about their challenges and opportunities.
  • draw on their skills and expertise, to answer any questions and to assist where possible.
  • suggest in-depth operational discussions are continued during Connect Event or a planned meeting.
  • refrain from direct selling of any products or services during these sessions
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