Executive Series

Executive Series

Leaders surround growth companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity for each Member.

The Opportunity

Executive Leaders Members gain a trusted community that delivers knowledge and support to access growth, innovation, and opportunity.
It is structured and time-efficient. Only 25 companies are invited each year to become Members. This ensures they build meaningful relationships and achieve exceptional outcomes.

The Community

Each Executive Leader engages with the wider Leaders community, including Advisory Board, Industry Partners, Industry Experts, Future Leaders, Alumni Members, and fellow Executive Leaders.
Participants from each company involved always include the key decision-makers, Founders, CEO’s and Directors.

The Leaders Experience

Leaders host 10 core events during the year in addition to other activities.

The Executive Leaders engagement is tailored to meet their individual needs and requirements. Each Member receives a range of opportunities to build high-level, trusted relationships across the community to empower them to achieve their desired goals.

  • Knowledge Workshops | Executive Leaders access three workshops each month, delivered by Industry Experts. These workshops provide the most up to date knowledge and expertise to support Executive Leaders navigate challenges and accelerate growth.
  • “Ask the Experts” | Executive Leaders have two sessions every month with Industry Experts. These sessions address immediate challenges while exploring new opportunities and building trusted relationships.
  • Connect Event | Hosted by the Advisory Board and Industry Partners, the wider Leaders community joins these events each month. They are inspiring and provide some of the best engagement with Business and Industry leaders.

In addition to the monthly forums, there is also a range of external professional development programs and social networking events available to Executive Members as organised on a regular basis.