Connect Series

Connect Series

The Queensland Leaders Regional Series provides Regional Members with direct access to their own private network of the State’s leading decision makers. Regional Members undertake a structured, online professional development and networking program with industry and government to fast track their company’s growth. This includes:

  • Private and confidential access to senior Business, Government and Industry leaders to facilitate strategic and economic development opportunities through the network;
  • Online presence and access for their entire management team to the Leaders Resource Centre to review expert presentations, interviews and professional development opportunities;
  • State-wide industry and public recognition as a market leader;
  • Direct access and contact to presenters and Industry Experts.

Regional Members gain access to the State’s key decision makers, and by using the Leaders Resource Centre, Regional Members are able to connect directly with these people to meet, discuss new business opportunities and achieve their goals.

In addition to the items outlined above, Regional Members also receive:

  • Access to the Queensland Leaders Inner-Circle offers, along with the ability to promote an offer back to the rest of the network;
  • A complimentary two-year digital subscription to Business Acumen, with the ability to also submit content for possible publication.
Regional Membership is available to those companies’ headquartered 100km or more from Brisbane and is limited to a maximum of 100 companies at any time. Regional Membership of Queensland Leaders is for an initial two-year period, with the option to renew.

If you would like to be considered for a Regional Membership with Queensland Leaders, please view this page to check eligibility requirements and submit a nomination.

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