Connect Series

Connect Series

The Leaders Connect Series's focus is to provide a sustainable community platform for companies to be connected to the latest Knowledge, community and Resources. The Leaders network drives personal engagement with local and state business and industry leaders. The Leaders Resource Centre and the International Leaders App provided the digital connection for the entire network.

Companies will be able to access the latest expertise and knowledge as they engage with a broader community locally and across Queensland.

The Opportunity

The Leaders Connect Series is tailored for companies based outside the major metropolitan areas. The Connect Series enables these companies to access the latest information and expertise to grow their business and make better decisions. The Connect Series also allows Member companies to join a leading business community online and attend key events. The Leaders Connect Series brings fresh expertise, industry knowledge and valued connections. The Series enables leading companies to face a broad range of challenges and opportunities and drive personal, professional and business growth. Best suited to dynamic business leaders seeking efficient access to:

  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Investment
  • Entry, succession and exit opportunities

The Leaders Experience
Leaders Connect Members are provided access to the most influential Business and Industry Leaders. The Leaders Connect Series will provide:
  • Structured, ongoing professional development, access to industry knowledge and support from Business and Industry Leaders, in a trusted community
  • Real-world connections with peers to fast track company growth
  • Private and confidential access to senior Business and Industry Leaders to facilitate strategic and business opportunities through the network
  • Enhanced level of public relations and promotion from involvement with Leaders
  • Exclusive access to expert videos, interviews, tools and connections

Connect Membership is available to those companies’ headquartered 100km or more from major metropolitan areas