International Leaders surrounds growth companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity for each Member. The following four key initiatives operate for the benefit of these organisations:
  • Executive Series | Executive Leaders Members gain a trusted community that delivers knowledge and support to access growth, innovation, and opportunity. It is structured and time-efficient. Only 25 companies are invited each year to become Members. This ensures they build meaningful relationships and achieve exceptional outcomes.
  • Future Leaders Series | Each year, each Leaders Series only invites 16 companies to become Future Leaders Members. Future Leaders Members gain a trusted community that delivers knowledge and support to access growth and innovation while developing their opportunity strategies and resources.
  • Alumni Series | After graduating from the Executive Leaders or Future Leaders Series, the Alumni Series allows our members to stay continually engaged with the latest thinking and insights to develop and grow their business. The key relationships our members have developed with our Industry Experts, and their peer Members continues to evolve and grow through the monthly Alumni series.
  • Connect Series | The Leaders Connect Series is tailored for companies based outside the major metropolitan areas. The Connect Series enables these companies to access the latest information and expertise to grow their business and make better decisions. The Connect Series also allows Member companies to join the Leaders business community online and attend key in-person events.

"Ask the Expert" Sessions

Connect Event

Knowledge Workshop

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