International Leaders assists growing companies achieve sustainable growth, manage succession planning and evaluate entry and exit strategies for their business. The following five key initiatives operate for the benefit of these organisations:

  • Executive Series: Each year, each Leaders Series selects up to 25 companies to become Executive Members. Each selected Executive Member undertakes a 12 month Executive Series where they receive the knowledge, mentoring and resources required to become the next generation of leading companies. International Leaders assists these companies achieve sustainable growth, manage succession planning and access debt and equity capital for future growth opportunities.
  • Future Leaders Series: Each year, each Leaders Series selects up to 16 leading company founders to become Future Leaders Members. Each selected Member participates in the Future Leaders Series, providing the insights and skills to ensure the foundations of their business are sound while developing the strategies and resources required to progress their opportunity.
  • Alumni Series: upon graduation from the Executive Series or Future Leaders Series, Alumni Members continue to engage with International Leaders to access the broader network and a variety of professional development opportunities. Alumni Members benefit from ongoing access to the knowledge, networks and capital required to achieve their growth objectives.
  • Sports Transition Series: The Sports Transition Series provide sports people with direct access to the knowledge, skills and networks to ensure a successful and sustainable transition into the business world. It assists participants who are looking to establish or grow their own business, or invest into an existing business.
  • Regional Series: International Leaders provides companies located away from major metropolitan areas with direct access to their own private network of leading decision makers. Regional Members undertake a structured, online professional development and networking program with industry and government to fast track their company‚Äôs growth.

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