3.1.4 Ask the Expert Schedule How to Manual (New Series)

3.1.4 Ask the Expert Schedule How to Manual (New Series)

The purpose of the schedule is to track when Executive Series Members are scheduled to talk with Industry Expert companies. (ATE) = Ask the Expert For the purpose of this document, we will assume that you are creating a document for a new Series. See the Hints and Tips topic for Instructions on the current Series setup.

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Setup Step 1. Setting Up the Schedule – Open ATE Schedule > Select “Schedule Admin” Tab

Setup Step 2. Adding Executive Members – Select “Executive Members” Tab


Setup Step 3. Adding Industry Experts – Select the “Industry Experts” Tab

Setup Step 4. Select “Schedule Matrix” Tab


Setup Step 5. Preparing a Schedule – Select the “Schedule Summary” Tab


Setup Step 6. Preparing a PDF – Select “Session View” Tab

Setup Step 7.  Preparing a PDF for Industry Expert – Select
“IME Session View” Tab


The IME Session View tab is designed for use by your Industry Experts and will automatically update once you select the month required.



Manually Load Schedule – Select “Schedule Summary” Tab

To assign as specific Industry Expert to a Member or to indicate the Member is not attending the Event.