3.1.4a Ask the Expert Schedule Matrix Hints and Tips

3.1.4a Ask the Expert Schedule Matrix Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

  1. Fill in columns highlighted in yellow only (in the downloadable document); deleting information in any other columns will break the Scheduler.
  2. Keep to the required formatting in cells where dates and times are listed.
  3. If you have loaded a new Member or Industry Expert into the relevant pages, you MUST complete SETUP STEP 4.1 & SETUP STEP 5.1
  4. Before clicking “AUTO SCHEDULE SELECT”, always manually load your “unattended” Members and assign Industry Expert to the preferred Member first. See the Manually Load Schedule Below
  5. On the Schedule Summary Tab, once you have loaded a new month, check each Member entry to ensure they have not been allocated the same Industry Expert Twice.
  6. If you need to add or remove a Member or Industry Expert, you must delete the row as per below. DO NOT delete the contents of the row.


Manually Load Schedule – Select “Schedule Summary” Tab

To assign a specific Industry Expert to a Member or to indicate the Member is not attending the Event.



Loading information from history

(use this method to load history into the schedule)


The “Schedule History” Page holds all the schedules that have been created through the
“Schedule Summary” Page
In the event you delete or lose the information in the “Schedule Summary”, it is an easy set to
reload the information.


How to roll over your ATE for a new year.
  1. Open your document and save as for your new year.
  2. Go to Schedule Admin Tab – change months and dates for your new year.
  3. Go to Executive Members Tab – Delete Members who are showing as completed (See note about the correct way to delete)
  4. Go to Industry Expert Tab – Make any changes required.
  5. Go to Scheduling Matrix Tab – complete the clear and refresh process.
  6. Go to Schedule History – filter on the ESM column and remove any Member company no longer required. Remove blank lines left between entries.
  7. Save your document.
  8. Now you can add your new Members to commence your new year.



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