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Assisting growth companies through the sharing of experience and leadership from Industry Partners, in conjunction with the knowledge and expertise of Industry Experts.


Achieve your vision with International Leaders

Whether you are looking to grow your business, manage succession planning, or even considering an entry or exit strategy, then perhaps you’re ready to join the many other leading companies who have made Leaders their partner of choice.

Each of our initiatives is purposefully designed to provide participants with fresh, relevant and valuable knowledge in order to achieve success in their personal, professional and business vision. With access to local, national and international networks, International Leaders creates opportunities for further growth.

The Leaders platform provides connectivity into key industry, business and government leaders. This unique experience combines Industry Partners, Experts and Alumni, delivered in a unique yet structured approach to support each Members journey in achieving their vision.

We invite you to explore our 4 key initiatives and discover how International Leaders can help you achieve your vision.


Our Initiatives

The increased knowledge and support Leaders provides to accelerate a business’s growth is absolutely world class.

Our Locations

Recent Outcomes from Leaders around the world

  • National Food Retailer...raises $10M for expansion
  • Communications Service Provider...competitor acquisition to lead market
  • Electricity Reseller...raises $2.5M for expansion
  • Niche Manufacturer...acquisition to double operation
  • Technology Based Lender...raises $10M for expansion
  • Software Developer...expends into 9 countries to lead market
  • Hydrogen Technology Organisation...raises $9.5M for expansion
  • Professional Services Firm...innovates, then sells to multinational
  • Building Company...receives $10M investment for expansion
  • Health & Consumer Comparison...raises $5M equity to expand range & operations
Leaders opened our minds to expanding our business globally.
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