4.2 Ask the Expert Session

4.2 Ask the Expert Session

Ask the Expert Session for Industry Experts

Industry Experts conduct two (2) x 30 minutes. Mentoring sessions every month, each session with a different Executive Member. The primary role of these Mentoring sessions is to allow the Executive Member to have their questions answered and provide a personal introduction between the Industry Expert and Executive Member.


During “Ask the Expert” Mentoring Sessions, Industry Experts should:
  • Allow the Executive Member to introduce themselves and talk about their challenges and opportunities.
  • Draw on their skills and expertise, to answer any questions and to assist where possible.
  • Set up further meetings (where appropriate) to talk about the issues in greater detail.
  • Refrain from direct selling of any products or services during these initial Mentoring sessions.



All participants receive a Mentoring Schedule one week prior to each Mentoring Session. Once received, it is recommended that Industry Experts:

  • Review the Executive Member profiles and information listed on the Leaders Resource Centre.
  • Visit the websites of both companies.
  • Send the Executive Member an email introducing yourself and seeking their questions / discussion points.
  • Pre-prepare any documents or special information that may be necessary to help answer the questions of those you are mentoring.



Industry Experts should follow-up with Executive Members after Mentoring to further answer any questions, discuss strategy, or to explore any commercial opportunities that may exist. Examples include:

  • Continue discussions afterwards during the Connect Event.
  • Organise to meet the Member the following week.
  • Meet with a third-party you would like to introduce or refer; the Member to.
  • Invite the Member along to an existing workshop or seminar you host to further their education and help build the inter-relationships.


Structuring Your “Ask The Expert” Mentoring Session

Feel free to structure your “Ask the Expert” Mentoring session to best suit your requirements, however, below is a suggested structure that Leaders has found to work for both parties at the table.


Minute 0 to 5

Introductions & background to each-other. What are the Member’s key questions?


Minute 5 to 15

Ask the Me mber company to identify the three (or more) key issues affecting their business growth with relevance to your area of expertise; and to detail why they believe this to be the case. This may include:

  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Competitors
  • Financial
  • Product Distribution


Minute 15 to 30

Address the issues they have raised, drawing on your own personal skills and experiences, those of others, and those of your company. Leaders strongly encourages Industry Experts to set up another more detailed meeting



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